Arhuaca Mochila Bag - Ati


Petite crossbody bucketbag/mochila - hand woven from pure spun wool by women of the Arhuaca, indigenous community in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.

Mochila Specs & Sizing:

- Material: 100% Sheep wool

- Width: 6.5 in

- Height: 8 in
- Diameter: 4.5 in
- Strap Length: 17.5 in
- Strap Width: 2 in
- No inner lining or pocket


All Mochila bags are carefully made of locally raised virgin sheepwool. They are crochet weaved by hand without using any dyes in the process which has shown self-sustainability for centuries. They are durable and will last generations.

For the Arhuaca women, more than a woven piece made by hand, their experiences, sorrows and joys are reflected in it. In this way, an Arhuaca bag is the symbol of life and its origin.

The Arhuaca people have a special connection with mother nature and their goal is to protect and teach about the importance of life preservation.

Our purchase supports the continued handicraft creation of the Arhuaco communities and preservation of their cultural values.

When you carry an Arhuaca bag, you’re carrying a piece of history and culture with you. It’s a wearable work of art that adds that extra layer of handmade creative texture.

Ethically sourced. Fair trade.