Summer Blu Sky (wide grid)

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Our everglows will look perfect hanging near a window (east/west facing windows are the dream) or anywhere that catches natural light. Easy to hang onto a ceiling hook, nail, command hook to create happy light refractions and enjoy an aesthetically pleasing accent to your space.

Our light catchers are made start to finish from blocks of polymer clay. Each shape is carefully rolled out, cut, baked, sanded and assembled by hand.

*Natural variations in color and shape may occur.
*Natural imperfections are embraced, adding to its uniqueness.

*Handle with care. 

*Indoor use recommended.


- Grid design only in the front
-Length: 17" approximately *from wood ring to bottom prism

-Wood ring is 2" (5 cm) diameter


-High quality polymer clay, wood ring, glass crystal prism, brass gold jump rings, hemp string.